Allan and Rob have the privilege of sitting down with Salim Rezaie of RebelEM to talk about cervical spine collars and backboard in the ED.  RebelEM has has already extensively covered the evidence on collars and backboards. You can find their blog posts and links below.


1. Spinal immobilization in trauma patients
Cervical spine evaluation and clearance in the intoxicated patient
Stiell et al. (2018) – A Multicenter Program to Implement the Canadian C-Spine Rule by Emergency Department Triage Nurses
Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine – Ep 232 – An overview and literature evaluation of cervical spine collars and an appraisal of the above paper
5. Dr. Ken Milne and Alison Armstrong 
filmed a news clip on the 2018 Stiell et al. paper for us at NENA 2019.