We are pleased to have the trailblazer Tammy Lowe and THE Korbin Haycock on the show to share their amazing Nurse Point of Care Ultrasound program, one of the only programs in the world (to our knowledge – please correct us if we’re wrong… we’d love to learn more!).

Their Nurse Point of Care Ultrasound program was published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine in 2017. The link to the paper is HERE.

Tammy is a boss level Registered Nurse and the Clinical Administrator for Critical Care at a large hospital in California. Find Tammy on Twitter HERE @TammyLowe357

Korbin is an emergency physician, sonographer extraordinaire. He is the definition of a resuscitationist. Find him on Twitter HERE @KHaycock2

Featured image is courtesy of The POCUS Atlas. If you haven’t been to that website before, you should go check it out HERE.

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